Very Important Pyromaniac

Benefits to becoming a VIP (Very Important Pyromaniac)

  • North of the Border’s Very Important Pyromaniac loyalty program truly has no downside. You receive a $5 sign-up bonus, which is just crazy. It’s like we’re just giving free fireworks away on top of the free fireworks you already get with every purchase.
  • For every $100 you spend, you have another $5 heaped on top of your sign-up bonus. Which, yes we know, is just absurd. It’s almost like we don’t even want you to have to pay for fireworks. Ok, we may be a bit melodramatic about our program, but thousands of custoners will tell you that it’s a great deal.
  • The icing on the cake is that once you sign up in the store, you don’t have to have your ID scanned every time you come in. Just walk in, show us your VIP card and ID, and presto: you’re in!